The Faces of Occupy Wall Street – Sean Kayode

October 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

“I’m 45 years old. The movements in Africa, in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt brought me here. There is change happening in the world. The U.S. used to be the first one out but it’s better late than never. The U.S. is catching up. I have a story. There were 3 lions and 500 zebras. They lived in the same neighborhood. The lions; they needed to eat. They ate zebras. The zebras, they believed they lived in nirvana. There was grass, water, they were free, it was beautiful. The lions, they planned every day what they needed to do to catch a zebra. While the lions planned the zebras had no clue. Then the stampede came. The lions caught a zebra. The other zebras said that the zebra that got caught was stupid. That the lion will never catch them. Then one day, one of those zebras gets caught. The zebras finally get together to plan. They plan that the next time the lions come they will kick them. They will kick them until the lions leave. The 3 lions come again and this time the Zebras kick. Once they start kicking, the lions change their diet because they don’t have health insurance! It was good to have easy food than food that fights back. The zebras are us. They are the people in the U.S. that are speaking out.”


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