The Faces of Occupy Wall Street – Joshua John

October 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

“I’m 37 years old. I’ve seen how the economic crisis has made a difficult time for my parents and my family. I was born with severe psoriatic arthritis and the way the government has things set up for people with disabilities isn’t fair whatsoever. I can only make $1000 gross or I’ll lose my disability. I’m very grateful that I have full medical coverage though. I get $687 a month. Very grateful for it but here in California that doesn’t even cover my $750 rent. Then I get pigeonholed by making me bring in only $1000 a month at a part time job where I have to take an obscene amount of pain killers just to make it through the day. I live very difficultly and in a lot of pain.
For me, the occupy wall street movement means occupy big business, the money makers, the traders, the people who were a part of making our country the way it is. You also have special interest government and 700 billion dollars a year for war. I don’t want that anymore.
There has to be trials [for the people on wall street]. We want the perp walk. There has to be more committees set up to police big business and people on wall street. It’s just obscene the money that these people are taking home yet I’m stuck in my situation. Republican nominee Herman Cain said if you’re not making money and you’re not successful it’s your fault. So it’s my fault that I was born with a horrifically painful disease that keeps me from being successful? It’s my fault? I take offense to that. I’m not saying people can’t work hard and be successful. That’s awesome. If I was successful I would pay it forward. I would pay whatever taxes were needed to be paid.
The reason I’m here is, one – tax the 1% not the 99%. Two – stop the wars. Stop getting our boys and girls killed. I support the troops 100%. My dad is a Veteran. I’m proud of him. Three – end special interest government. You’ve got republicans and democrats, coke and pepsi, they’re both soda. They’re bad for you. There’s a reason these guys can’t get together and make something happen for the people. It’s because they don’t want to agree. This guy over here is getting money from lobbyists and this guy over there is getting more money from a different group of lobbyists. So yeah, they’re not going to agree. Special interest needs to be taken right out of government. There’s got to be regulation. There has to be caps on money that is given to government officials. How can I have a voice when lobbyists are giving millions of dollars to my elected official?
Fox news really proves the old adage that first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win. Obama needs to man up. Yes we can tax the $250,000 and up. Don’t give up.”


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