The Faces of Occupy Wall Street – Bobbi Lopez

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

“I am 33 years old. The economic crisis has definitely effected my family. My mother-in-law who has lived in her house in Oakland for 30 years is having a hard time refinancing. So we’re really concerned about that situation. She’s a small business owner. The houses to the right and left of her have foreclosed and there’s been talk about what it means if she can’t get refinanced. What it means for her if she’s unable to pay her loans. So it’s definitely something that my partner and I think about every day. Are we going to have to take care of our parents?
I’m here [with the occupysf movement] not just because of the foreclosure issue but just a general sense of disappointment with our economic system. The fact that people earn so little money. The fact that people who don’t have jobs number now millions in this country. I have younger brothers and sisters who are graduating from high school and don’t know how they’re going to end up finding a job or going to college and pay off their debt. So I think we’re in a really tough economic crisis. When I see a bank like Wells Fargo get billions of dollars [in a bail out] and yet make it really difficult for my family with good credit, who has been in a house for 30 years, to retain their home, something is really awfully wrong.
I think [the bank bailout] was somewhere between disgusting and sort of indicating where we’re going as a nation. There’s really no accountability when it comes to corporations and banks and I think your every day person is starting to notice that. It’s gotten to a point where if we’re going to be closing every single social service program and bailing out banks and we’ve got a democrat in office… that’s not what I signed up for.
I don’t know [where the occupy wall street] movement is going to be honest. I think it has so many possibilities. I’m really excited about what’s happening in New York. I think here on the West coast we’re a little different. You have so many diverse communities involved. It’s really going to be about how different communities coalition with each other and how they negotiate things that we haven’t always talked about. How does community deal with the unions? I’m a union person and I consider my self community too. Or how do we deal with street kids? Cause Occupy San Francisco has a lot of kids who have been on the street. So it’s become this interesting thing of folks who have been organizing as a profession, as a life, as part of a movement and then all these young folks and new folks have been coming in and feel motivated. It’s really about bringing all those elements together to be successful.
I think I will take part [in this movement] forever. We’re about to have a kid, my partner and I, and I see all these babies out here. I can’t wait for my child to be old enough to come to one of these events. We’re fighting for a better world. I think we have a very clear message and I think that’s what is so frightening about this conglomeration. There’s a kid from the street who just got into this, there’s a seasoned activist or a family who lost their house… they all know that we are working in a broken system. So you don’t really need to explain to anybody here why we are doing this. Hopefully people listen and they understand and they relate.”


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