The Faces of Occupy Wall Street – Maria Pobla

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

“My name is Maria and I’m one of the 99%. I’m 35 years old. The economic crisis has definitely effected me. I’m involved with a lot of other community people building an organization to defend the rights of tenants, the rights of homeowners and create unity between Black and Latino communities. Organizations like ours are suffering at this moment because the government is investing instead of in the rights of people in wars against people and putting people in jail. We have definitely suffered.
The name of my organization is Causa Justa – Just Cause. We work in Oakland and in San Francisco in the Black and Latino community and in all communities that are fighting for housing rights and for equal rights for people of color.
We came here today to show Wells Fargo that the 99% are not in agreement with their policy. We’re demanding a moratorium on foreclosure. We are demanding that they respect the rights of tenants when they become landlords of properties that they foreclose on. We’re demanding that they divest from private prisons where they put immigrant people who have come here because of the policies of this country and not because of personal choice. We’re demanding that they reinvest in our neighborhoods that are suffering without the proper resources because they’ve been exploiting tax loopholes and not paying their fair share. We’ve come to say to Wells Fargo, enough is enough. The 99% demand that you respect our rights.
The bank bailout is the greatest shame that has happened in this country in a long time. All that money was supposed to save our homes. It was supposed to create jobs. All that was a big lie and we can see it now.
Today a bunch of us are occupying. Tomorrow we need to organize. It’s time to build strong organizations in all of our communities. To build links between different communities and between different political cultures. To come together and build this 99% so that we can be heard long term. We don’t want to be a flash in the pan. We want to transform this society that we are a part of.
The change is taking place in every neighborhood. People who have never worked together are working together. People who have worked together before are working together again in new ways. Now is the time to rebuild the social movement in the United States. If that was what was needed to change the Jim Crow laws in the United States, that’s what’s needed now to challenge the 1%. That’s what countries all over the world are doing. We here also need to take up the struggle.”


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