The Faces of Occupy Wall Street – Phil

October 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

“I’m 42 years old. Yeah the economic crisis affected me. I have a job. No benefits. No medical. There’s no good jobs to get as far as giving you a good quality of life. It’s what I call a high school job. It’s what people get when they come out of high school. 10 dollars an hour. No benefits. Jobs with benefits and pensions are disappearing. People need that kind of stuff and it’s not available to us anymore.
[The jobs are disappearing] because the corporations are getting rid of all the good jobs. Sending them overseas so that’s why there’s not that many around anymore.
[I’m here today] to be a part of the protest. To make a better life for everybody. The common good of everyone. Things need to change and that’s why I’m out here. The economic injustice of how things are set up [needs to change]. Everything is set up for the rich and the banks and the corporations and everybody else is getting left behind.
I think the wars we have going on are eating up billions of dollars in tax money that could be used to go toward education, medical care, creating better jobs for everybody. We should be taking care of all citizens instead of being overseas killing people and being involved in wars that are unnecessary. Our real enemy is right here in our own country – the government and the corporations – that’s our real enemy. They’re holding us down and not making it better for everybody which they could very well be doing.
My friend is a teacher at Oakland Tech and they have classes with no books for students. [The government] could be putting money into that kind of stuff instead of unnecessary wars. The rich don’t get taxed enough. They should be taxing them and use that money for helping the general public and make a better world for everybody. That’s what I think needs to happen to make a better world and that’s why I’m out here.
It’s a growing movement as you can see it’s not just in main cities, it’s all over the United States. Obviously something is wrong because this wouldn’t be happening if something wasn’t wrong. A lot of people are suffering and hurting and change is needed. [This movement] is definitely positive. It’s a step in the right direction. I think it’s a good thing and the more people that get involved the better. If it gets big enough things will change.”


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