The Faces of Occupy Wall Street – Steve

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

“I’m 39. I’m unemployed. I’ve been unemployed for a year. I’m on unemployment right now and that’s going to run out soon. I don’t see myself, in this job market, having wages increase. Only decrease. That is effecting my standard of living adversely. I’m also concerned with what corporations are doing to us surreptitiously besides the obvious things in the media. One of which is what’s happening to our food supply. I’m no longer able to digest food, mostly gluten and dairy that a lot of people are able to. But increasingly people are joining me in that predicament and I’m wondering why. Why does costco have gluten free food as mainstream right now? What’s happening to our food supply where everybody is getting sick on wheat that used to be a staple food.
Everyone in my family is struggling. Stress at home and in everybody’s home that I know, is increasing. I’m mad about it and I’m not working right now so that’s why I’m here…to say enough is enough. I just got to listen in on one of the facilitator meetings [at occupysf camp] and was very heartened to hear that they have a viable legal department and brilliant people fighting on our side.
I think the main problem comes from the top echelon of our government which has been buttressed by a banking system that is capable of some incredible atrocities. It is perpetuating a system that is becoming more obviously insane. To have an economy based on a wall street that has a look and feel of a casino doesn’t resonate with me. I don’t think everything should be made into a commodity that can be traded and sold in a crazy casino. I think reform needs to come from where all the wealth has gone and that is the banks. The fundamental principles of our banking system are insane. I think even the average American realizes that now.
So what do we do about it? Well, one thing that I can do is buy goods made in America or better yet barter goods that are made by fellow Americans on the street. I have half a mind to learn how to make some shoes out of leather and trade them with someone who has knitted a wonderful sweater and not have money involved at all. That’s how disaffected I am.”


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