The Faces of Occupy Wall Street – “Lumberjack”

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

“I will be 21 in January. [The movement] is what should be done. Its gone on for way too long. I’m a firm believer that the 60s tore it down and we never really rebuilt. So now we’re kind of going off on what happened. we’re ready to rebuild it. We’re coming into that open conscious mind. People are seeing what’s going on. Our government is no longer for us or by us. Everything. Our healthcare. Our schools. Things have to change or there won’t be any way to fix it.
Right before I came here I had found out about the occupy wall street and read a little bit about it. It’s awesome. Just the fact that people are finally, for lack of better words, growing some balls and standing up even to the biggest people like wall street… they control almost everything. People with cancer can’t even get chemotherapy. My little brother is disabled. He has cerebral palsy. He’ll be 11. If Obama doesn’t change the tax system he could lose his medical care. My mom who is going to be 50 soon and my step dad who is also disabled will have no way to take care of my little brother. He’ll have to go into a home or I’ll have to go home and be his foster parent. The world is falling apart. Or at least our world.
[When the economic crisis happened] I had just freshly turned 18 so I was ready to start my life; a career and everything, then the economy fell out from under me as soon as I was taking my steps out the door. I tried. I’m a very, very hard worker. I have a lot of passion in my heart. A lot of very strong beliefs in my mind. I believe the integrity of a man can be seen in how hard he works. No one will look past what I look like or where I’ve been or what my life story is. No matter what people just can’t look over it.
We have a newspaper called ‘Occupy Wall Street’. It’s the actual movement’s newspaper. The front cover photo has hundreds of people. I mean, 99% versus 1? A simpleminded fool can figure that out. Something has to be done. 99% of this country is, what… poverty, right above it or so far below it that we’re out on the streets.
[If I could change something right now] I would get rid of agriculture and go back to a hunter and gatherer society. A true anarchist state.”


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