The Faces of Occupy Wall Street – Name not disclosed

October 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

“I am a responsible citizen who has benefited from his government for eighty years. I am a Veteran of foreign wars who served as an officer during the Korean War. My wonderful wife and I raised two children who went to public schools, where they were all well taught. We have used the public library since we were children; we have been served well by our police, our firemen, our public employees. We believe in fair taxation to pay for all the services we receive. Unfortunately our taxes are being misused to pay for wars on terror that only create more terror and kill many more innocent people than they save.
I am not an irresponsible utopian flake – nor are my fellow protestors. We know what’s wrong and how to fix it. Yes there is an obvious program – one that has worked in the past and should be applied more vigorously in the future.
1. Reform the election finance rules so that our elected officials are not corrupted by donors or lobbyists for special interests.
2. Regulate the use and cost of television advertisements – one of the single most expensive tools for election. Elections only enrich the powerful owners of media and corrupt our elected officials.
3. End the wars on terror that we are waging throughout the world. Bring our armed forces home and give them education and jobs. This will solve most of our deficit problem.
4. Use government to create jobs in safe energy, infrastructure rehabilitation, education, health and so on. We need more stimulus.
5. I have not forgotten wall street. Today in the New York Times I read that the brokers and bankers call us “unsophisticated”. They are the unsophisticated ones for they think we do not know how they manipulate the market, sell bundled trash to unsuspecting clients, reward themselves with astronomical yearly wages, and donate hugely to protect themselves from regulation.
Therefore I say regulate, regulate, regulate. Bring back the sensible laws that separated banking from speculative finance. Break up the large banks and brokerage firms. And charge the financial leaders who have created this crisis with criminal offenses.”


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