The Faces of Occupy Wall Street – Bela Gaskin

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

“I am 34 years old. I’m here to understand what this movement is about. I do understand that I’m in debt. Trying to educate myself and my children. First I lost my job, then I lost my home and I can barely afford to feed my kids. So I want to understand what can I do to help the movement. I’m here to learn what it will take to satisfy the people here.
I want to live in a country where I can survive. My sister lives in Europe, Germany, and she has two kids like me and she lives comfortably. Her healthcare; she’s able to go to the doctor when she needs to. She has a living situation where she’s not stressed out. She’s able to stay at home and take care of her kids while her husband works. I can’t do that. We have an equivalent education.
In America we’re basically oppressed by big banks and I don’t want that for my daughters. That’s why I’m bringing them. To show them that they don’t have to go for that. I’m oppressed and I’ll probably be oppressed for the rest of my life but I don’t want them to be oppressed. That’s why I’m here. For them. For the future of this country. I love this country and I can’t go anywhere else. So I want this country to be the best it can be. That’s why I’m here.”


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